Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Toronto PD - Day Two Picasso & Abbott

For day two we set out early to take in a Contact show and to see Picasso at the AGO.  The Picasso show highlighted some of his major works including his 1937 portrait of Dora Maar, Cubism work, many of his sculptures including my fav Bull Head 1942.  

Picasso - Portrait of Dora Maar  
The show also has some great photographs of Picasso and his work including the famous photographs of the different stages of Guernica shot by Dora Maar.

We then headed downstairs to see the Berenice Abbott show at the AGO a must see for any photo lover.   This show is part of the Contact Photo Fest and it just opened today at the AGO.  Her images from Changing New York are on display along with her science images and portraits.  Berenice's meticulous nature and record keeping are very evident in her beautifully composed shots of New York.  

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