Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sandie Hewson | Alumni Update

Sandie Hewson a recent graduate of the Photography Program has been busy lately, she has recently been published in the Ottawa Our Homes Digital Publication.

Take a look at her images they are on page 28 & 29 and 40 & 42 of the digital magazine.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Alexx Henry's 'Living Art'

As still and motion begin fuse together cool stuff happens here is an VIV Mag Interactive Feature Spread from image maker Alexx Henry.

There is also an article in PDN about Alexx's innovative approach to image making.

Take a look at the behind the scenes video below.

Friday, September 24, 2010

2010 Bridgestone Contest

We have been invited once again to compete in the Bridgestone Photo Contest. Details of the contest will be discussed in class and submission forms are online here.

This year the prizes are cash and a camera so start thinking of ideas that fit within the contest theme. This year the theme is Bridgestone's commitment to community, to the environment, and to safety.

Thanks again to Bridgestone for including us in their 9th annual addition of this contest.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Festival X | Andrew Balfour

Professor Andrew Balfour of the Algonquin Photography Program is showing photographs at the Enriched Bread Artists during Festival X, the vernissage is Friday Sept. 24 from 6PM - 11PM.

It is also the launch of Guerilla Magazine #25, a silent charity auction, burlesque performances, and music.

See Andrew's work in the latest edition of Guerilla Magazine.

Map | Enriched Bread Artists

Brittany McElroy | 2nd Year Student Rep

Do you ever wonder what the student reps do on their time off, if so click above.

Photo By: Michael Damianidis

Josh Reyes | 2nd Year Student Rep

Do you ever wonder what the student reps do on their time off, if so click above.

Photo By: Michael Damianidis

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tom Thompson | Alumni Update

Tom Thompson an Algonquin Photography Alumni and a member of our programs Advisory Committee is part of a group show at Studio / Atelier during Festival X.

This Friday Sept. 24 from 5-10PM is the vernissage and starting at 8PM Tom and his band, orienteers, will be performing.

For a good night of music, photograph and socializing this is the place to be.

Andrew Cottingham | Alumni Update

Andrew Cottingham an Algonquin Alumni has just launched his new website. If you want to see some great environmental portraiture you have to take a look at his site.

Andrew has recently moved to Toronto to take on the big city, good luck buddy with a portfolio like that you will do well.

Andrew's site was designed by a former Algonquin Photography Student who moved over to the Multimedia program, Brendan Rygus.  Brendan recently graduated from the Multimedia program and is now designing website, so any of you Alumni who are looking for a new website send him an email.   

Flash Forward Festival

One of our recent grads Kendal Hunt is an event director for the Flash Forward Festival in Toronto, the festival is running from October 6th - 10th, 2010.

The festival is not only showcasing work from photographers around North America and Internationally there is also guest speakers and workshops.

Flash Forward was developed to help photographers coming out of school gain exposure to the industry, network and get support from established professionals.

Jonathon Harrington | Alumni Update

Jonathon Harrington an Algonquin Photography Alumni and Professor at Algonquin College has a show at the Nepean Visual Arts Centre at the Nepean Sportsplex.

The images are part of a series that he has been working on for the past two years and will be included in an upcoming book on the series. Part of the proceeds of the book will be going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Your New Student Reps 2010-2011

Say hello to your Student Reps for 2010-2011:

Student Reps 2nd Year:
Brittany McElroy and Josh Reyes

Student Reps 1st Year:
Taylor Grant and Ashley Leroux

Nikon Bob | SB-700, 35mm and 200mm Lens

Nikon Bob has just sent us some new press releases on the new Nikon SB-700 flash and the new 35mm and 200mm lenses.

Matt Paquette & Ariane Pilon At The Cornwall Regional Art Gallery

We always like to hear good news from our students and alumni, here is a bit of news that is a little old but definitely worth noting.

Two of our second years students were included in a Member's Show at the Cornwall Regional Art Gallery this summer.

Congratulations to Matt Paquette and Ariane Pilon we hope the show was a success.

Matt Paquette Bookstore Photos

You might see some of these photographs around campus advertising the 2010 Algonquin College line of clothes at the Algonquin First Class Bookstore. These images were taken by our very own Matt Paquette, congratulations buddy.

You also might recognize one of the models too.

Heather Morton Talk

Heather Morton will be coming to Ottawa to give a talk about the photographic industry today.

Morton has worked in advertising, been a photographic producer and art buyer focusing on photography. For those interested in the contemporary art scene as it applies to photography and just photography in general this is a talk you must attend.

Our intrepid Professor Andrew Balfour will have tickets and more info as the date draws near.


Adobe Systems
Klondike Room

How Much:
Students / CAPIC Members: $10
Non-Members: $25

How To Get Tickets:

Talk presented by CAPIC in association with Festival X.

Festival X | 2010

Festival X will be in full swing again soon, this is the fourth year for this amazing photographic festival. As the festival's website states "X intends to increase exposure to, and recognition for regional, Canadian and international photo-based artists."

For all those interested in getting a good feel for contemporary photography in Canada and the world this is the festival to attend.

Check out X's website for a listing of events.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pizza Orientation '10 - Thanks!!

Thanks to all the students and graduates that attended our annual Photography Program Pizza Orientation it was a great kick off to our upcoming year.

Thanks to our guest speakers and suppliers Dino from Henry's, Ken from Labworks and John from Vistek for taking the time to come and meet our students and of course, thanks for all the goodies.

Video shot by Thomas Oliver.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jackson Couse | Alumni Update

September 22, 2010 to October 10, 2010 DAÏMÕN Studiõ in Gatineau Quebec is showing Relocation a recent series of images by Documentary Photographer Jackson Couse.

The Vernisage is September 22, 2010 come out to support an Algonquin Photography Alumni.

Ryan McAwesome Rocking The ER

Welcome back and welcome to all photography students.

The 2nd Year Students might notice something different in the ER we have a new Technician Ryan McCosham. He is a former grad and all around awesome guy he will be working with Michel half days so stop by the ER and say hello and make him feel welcome.

ER Sale

Wednesday September 8th 2010, 9AM – 2PM C126

Tripods -> Manfrotto (No Heads) $25 each, Velbon (No Quick Release) $10 each
Cameras -> D70 & D100 (Some are full kit, some are missing pieces) $150-200 each
Umbrella Softboxes -> Westcott Halo (working) $10 each
Light Stands -> $10 each
Flash Kit -> Visatek $200
Tungsten Lamps -> $10 each
Tungsten Light Kit -> $60
Printers -> Epson R2200 (May be clogged, buy at own risk. Comes with cutter and fabric catcher.) $40 each
Books -> Time Life Photography Collection, 30+ $50
Scanners -> Slide Sprint Scan 35 & Sprint Scan 4000 $40 each
Flatbed Scanners -> (Epson 1660 & 4990) $30 each