Thursday, May 31, 2012

2012 Media & Design Hall Of Fame

This year at the Annual Media & Design Hall of Fame we are inducting photographer James Zagon.  This will be presented posthumously to his wife Sandra Zagon.

James Zagon was the photographer at the Bank of Canada and upon his passing he donated his photographic gear to the Photography Program.  Also in 2003 Sandra Zagon setup the James Zagon Memorial Scholarship.  This Scholarship has since awarded annually two to three students with a scholarship of $700 each.

The Faculty, Staff and Students would like to congratulate Sandra and thank her for her continued generosity and support of the Photography Program and photographic education.

For a sample of James Zagon's work check out these links:
Money A Historical Look & Money: The Canadian Encyclopedia

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lynda Graveline | Alumni Update

Alumi Lynda Graveline was interviewed on CBC's All In A Day with Alan Neal. On the show they talk about Pugstock, how to photograph dogs and specifically Alan's dog Ellie.

Pugstock is tomorrow Sunday May 27th From 12 - 3PM at The Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre all proceeds go to Under My Wing Pug Rescue. Stop by to have Lynda photograph your pug for $10, half the proceeds go to Under My Wing Pug Rescue.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Toronto PD - Day Three Humber & Ryerson

Today we are finishing off our PD trip going to two schools Humber Lakeshore Campus and Ryerson U. Unlike the ALG Program both of these schools either offer or are about to offer a degree in Photography. We talked about articulation agreements, students and of course about the photo and education industries.

Humber College Lakeshore Campus  
Our first stop was the Humber Lakeshore which has a beautiful campus and program area. We talked with Basil Guinane Associate Dean School of Media Studies & Information Technology.  He toured us around and we had a great talk about their upcoming BFA Photography Program.  

Humber College - Basil Guinane  

This beautiful campus also has a unique history.

Humber College L Building  
Our second stop was Ryerson University in the heart of downtown Toronto were we meet with Wayne Pittendreigh Program Director for the Photography Program.  

Ryerson University  
We got a great tour of the newly renovated  Ryerson Imaging Centre were they are housing the Black Star photo collection.

Ryerson Photo Preservation Lab  

We also sat down with Wayne and talked shop and we each received copies of Function Magazine a non-profit magazine produced by Ryerson's School of Image Arts Students.  It is a beautifully produced magazine with great images and content.  

Ryerson Student Lounge 

Our very own Professor Garry Carter is an Alumni of Ryerson U, so heading back to Ryerson was a bit of home coming for him.  It was great to hear about Garry's time at Ryerson and hear him and Wayne reminisce.

Ryerson Student Lounge  

We would like to thank the Faculty and Staff of both Humber Lakeshore Campus and Ryerson University for taking the time to talk with us and show us around their facilities, it was an enlightening experience. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Toronto PD - Day Two OCAD U

This afternoon we headed down to OCAD U to talk to Faculty and Staff of the Design and the Photography Programs.  It was great to connect to Faculty from other Photo and Imaging Programs and discuss the state of the photo and education industries.

Besides talking shop we got a tour of the Photography Facilities by Peter Sramek the Photography Chair. One of the highlights of the tour was seeing the INTAC show by the OCAD U Photography Students and Students from TAMK in Tampere, Finland and Chung-Ang U in Seoul S. Korea.

The OCAD U Photography Students created works in collaboration with TAMK and Chung-Aug U Students.  The work is great and talking with the Students about their collaborative experience was very interesting.   Below is a clip of Professor Denine Wrixon talking to OCAD U student Shanon Fujioka about her collaborative work You and I Are.

We would like to thank the Faulty and Staff Peter, Guy, Deanne, Beth and Gayle for taking the time to talk with us and for showing us around.  Also thanks to Darien in the Photo Cage for the Hasselblad hook up.

Toronto PD - Day Two Picasso & Abbott

For day two we set out early to take in a Contact show and to see Picasso at the AGO.  The Picasso show highlighted some of his major works including his 1937 portrait of Dora Maar, Cubism work, many of his sculptures including my fav Bull Head 1942.  

Picasso - Portrait of Dora Maar  
The show also has some great photographs of Picasso and his work including the famous photographs of the different stages of Guernica shot by Dora Maar.

We then headed downstairs to see the Berenice Abbott show at the AGO a must see for any photo lover.   This show is part of the Contact Photo Fest and it just opened today at the AGO.  Her images from Changing New York are on display along with her science images and portraits.  Berenice's meticulous nature and record keeping are very evident in her beautifully composed shots of New York.  

Toronto PD - Day One Jill Greenberg

The second show we took in today was  one that we had been looking forward to for some time, Jill Greenberg's Glass Ceiling.

Jill Greenberg - Glass Ceiling

We are all fans of Greenberg's work and the staff of the O'Born Contemporary gallery were very nice to show us behind the scenes to see some of Greenberg's older images, yes the Monkey Portraits and Horse Series.
Jill Greenberg - Monkey and Horse Series
This show is definitely worth a look and Ossington St. is a great little neighbourhood full of cool stores, galleries and restaurants.

This shows runs at the O'Born Contemporary gallery till June 2, 2012 (Click for Map).

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Toronto PD - Day One MOCCA

Every two years the Program Faculty travel to other College and University Photography Programs.  This is a fact finding trip and a great way for us to connect with others Photography Professors, discuss current trends and teaching techniques.

This year we are spending all of our time in Toronto and we have the pleasure to take in some Contact shows. This year's Contact theme is Public, meaning a lot of street photography, sweet!!  Here are some highlight from Day One.

Our first stop today the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art (MOCCA) to take in a few things, one was the public instillation by Scott McFarland.

Scott McFarland - Corner of the Courageous  
Inside the MOCCA there is two great shows Public: Collective Identity | Occupied Spaces and Street View.  Two of the highlights of the Public: Collective Identity | Occupied Spaces show was Bill Sullivan's Stop Down series.

Bill Sullivan - Stop Down 
And Michael Wolf's Tokyo Compression both are a great series of images. 

Michael Wolf - Tokyo Compression  
The Street View show was a collaboration between MOCCA and the National Gallery of Canada it showcased some of the best street photographers of all time Cartier-Bresson, Weegee, Model, Levitt and Callahan to name a few.  

Henri Cartier-Bresson Prints 
It was great to see the works of these masters first hand along side contemporary street photographers.   For those that have never been to the MOCCA definitely stop by it is a beautiful gallery and they have some great upcoming shows, the curators and staff are extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. 

Both shows run until June 3, 2012 at MOCCA
(Click for Map). 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

School of Media & Design Award Nominee 2012

Image © Kaleigh Middelkoop 2012 
Kaleigh Middelkoop has been nominated for the School of Media and Design Award 2012.

This award is presented to a graduating student within the School of Media and Design who has demonstrated achievement in leadership in program-related activities, application of learning outcomes for the benefit of others and excellence in reaching the learning outcomes of the program and applying the knowledge to higher levels.

Congratulations to Kaleigh on the nomination, the winner of this award will be announced at the Graduation Ceremonies on Tuesday June 19, 2012.

Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Staff Portraits

The Faculty Page has been updated with this year's amazing images by Kaleigh Middelkoop.  We had the pleasure of working with her and Josh & Jennie had the pleasure of throwing powdered paint at us.

Take a look at the image and the behind the scenes if you haven't already.

Thanks again to Kaleigh and her crew for making this years Staff portraits very memorable!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jason Machinski NISOD Award Winner!!

Our Program Professor Jason Machinski was presented with the NISOD Excellence Award 2012 at the President's BBQ by Kent MacDonald, Vice-President Academic.

The NISOD Award of Excellence is given by the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development.  NISOD is an organization "dedicated to the professional development of faculty, administrators and staff; and to the continued improvement of teaching and learning, with the ultimate goal of student success."  NISOD awards, post-secondary school faculty and administrators across North America each year with this distinguished honour, to recipients who showcase outstanding leadership and organization that contributes to student success.

Jason, a.k.a. "MacGyver" has garnered a hugh following to his program Blog and Website and is responsible for the visual branding of the Photography Program.  Congratulations "buddy", you definitely deserve this award, from all the students, staff and faculty!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Applied Arts Mag Now Out

Image By Jessica Deeks 
The Applied Arts Magazine is now out and as posted earlier Alumni Jessica Deeks has won the Young Blood Award in Photography.
Illustration By Fred Sebastian
We were also pleased to see that Algonquin Professor Fred Sebastian is a winner in the Editorial Illustration Section, congrats to Fred and Jessica!!

Canadian Boy Makes Good

Jeff Wall's Dead Troops Talk 
Jeff Wall's photograph Dead Troops Talk sells for $3.6 million.

Our students were introduced to Wall in the History of Photography class.  His images combine the best of art photography, art and art history making his images well worth the price.

They are also worth a second look by our students and any photo enthusiast.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bowie The Tradition Lives On!!

In previous years we had to vote to get Bowie to dress up for the Exhibition.   However, this year it is official no more voting Bowie has agreed to keep the tradition alive forever!!

For those wondering what we are talking about here is the score.   Every year there is a challenge to the students, if they raise money above and beyond the amount they need for the Exhibition Bowie has to dress up in costume.

There is some controversy this year as many students felt that his costume was not much different from what he usually wears.    But don't worry he will be back next year and if the students raise extra money you never know who Bowie will appear as.  Here are some previous years:



2012 Photography Exhibition TIme Lapse

Here is the 39th Annual Photography Exhibition time lapse.

There are about 6000 still images shot over 2 days, the Exhibition Setup and the day of the Exhibition.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting our students!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jessica Deeks | Alumni Update

Image By Jessica Deeks 
Alumni Jessica Deeks has won the Young Blood Award in Photography from Applied Arts magazine.

Check out her site, images and videos they are a must see!!   Congratulations to Jessica on her win it is definitely well deserved.