Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Week To Go

When our students return to the college next week we think they should stop and take look at the new beautiful wall displays around the college.  They might see someone they know or an image they shot.  The above wall display in the N Building has an image by Second Year Student Sam Small and Alumni Jennie Woodley.

Also when you walk in the front doors of the C building make sure to look to the left to see our very own Arthur welcoming us all back, respect!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jessica Deeks | Alumni Update

Alumni Jessica Deeks has been included in the 2012 edition of Exposure.  What is Exposure you ask well it is a photographic competition put on by artistwanted.org to showcase:
"Photographers of all backgrounds who are able to speak exquisitely in the language of lenses and aperture. Our goal is to find talent from around the world and award everyone who participates in ways large and small."
Jessica definitely does speak exquisitely in the language of lenses and apertures, below are some of her amazing images.

Personal Shot For Star Wars Day - 2012 © Jessica Deeks  
Carleton U. Magazine Milk Researcher - 2012 © Jessica Deeks 
Total Fit Magazine - 2012 © Jessica Deeks 
Matthew Steven King - 2012 © Jessica Deeks 
The above image of Matthew Steven King will be featured in the 2012 edition of Exposure, it was also Featured in the 2012 Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards Annual. Congrats to Jessica and for those that want to see more of her great work take a look her site and follow her blog.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Matt Usherwood | Alumni Update

Locals Only Series The Honest Wrench 2012 © Matt Usherwood 
Since graduating Alumni Matt Usherwood has been keeping busy doing press coverage for local and national newspapers.  

He has covered events like the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards, the Ottawa SenatorsBuskerfest, events on the Hill and he even has shots of Alice Cooper playing golf.  

Locals Only Ventura Blvd. Tattoo Studio 2012 © Matt Usherwood 
Recently Matt has taken some time off his busy work schedule to do a personal series he calls Locals Only, the images focus on:
"Local business owners and their stores in the Ottawa community. The reason why I am doing this is because I feel that we, in this generation, want things quicker and cheaper so we go to box stores and we forget about local stores that depend on us to stay open. I want to promote local store owners in hopes that people will decide to shop at their stores instead of box stores, which are owned by corporations not individuals. "
We hope Matt keeps developing this great series of images it would make a great show.   Take a look at some recent Locals Only posts the Ottawa Antique Market, The Honest Wrench and Venutra Blvd. Tattoo Studios.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Irvina Still Rockin

2012 © Irvina Nuspahic
Back in June we did a post on Photography Student Irvina Nuspahic and her work for local rocker Sal Piamonte.

She has posted and sent us a new image of the band, take a look at Irvina's site for more great images.