Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kaleigh Middelkoop | Alumni Update

I am sure all the 2012 Alumni eagerly follow Kaleigh Middelkoop's blog, I know all the Staff and Faculty do here in the Program.  She is constantly posting amazing images, quirky behind the scenes photos and great video content.

Her latest video addition is hilarious (great choice of music by the way) and she now has a brand new website.   For those who follow this blog and don't know about her take a look a her work, she is definitely someone to watch!!!

Kaleigh Middelkoop Online:  FacebookBlogLinkedinWebsite.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PBS Off Book

The Students are on summer break but before they know it they will be back in class.  Luckily both the Students and the Faculty love being at school!!

So to get the Students back in that school mode and to get their creative juices flowing here is a great video from the PBS series Off Book on the The Art of Logo Design.

Off Book is a great free series of videos by PBS Digital Studios about cutting edge art, some of our favourite vids:

The Art of Film & TV Title Design
Light Painting
The Evolution of 8-Bit Art