Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nadine Lamoureux | Alumni Update

Alumni Nadine Lamoureux, owner of Barnyard Studio, is having and open house today to officially launch the studio.

The open house runs today from 10AM to 5PM and coincides with her participation in ARTour.  The studio is located at 3122 Baseline Rd. in Prescott-Russell click here for directions.

Congrats to Nadine we wish you great success in your new venture!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Michel Lalonde Retires

Image By Alumni Thomas Dagg
If you have been to the Photography Program anytime in the last twenty plus years you will definitely know Michel Lalonde.

He has been the Photography Technician as the Program evolved from chemical to digital and from the darkroom to lightroom.

By our calculations close to two thousand Photography Students have passed through the Cage and the ER under his watch.

We are sure that everyone can recall a story involving Michel, personally I remember an amusing one involving a lost 4x5 locker key.

All the Program Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Students would like to wish him all the best in his future endeavours and we hope he enjoys his retirement.

Advisory Committee - Carl Bigras

Carl Bigras will assume the responsibility of Chair of our Advisory Committee starting Nov 23/12 for a 2-year term.

Carl is a graduate of the Photography Program and current is the head photographer at the Canadian Conservation Institute, co-author of Lighting Methods for Photographing Museum Objects and the recipient of the Gunther Leonhardt Memorial Award, presented to a:
"graduate of the Algonquin College Photography Program who is involved in the photographic community, has demonstrated leadership qualities, and has contributed to the success of students in the Photography Program".
He brings a wealth of experience to the program.

Humans Of New York

This link was sent to us by Alumni Kaleigh Middelkoop it is about Humans Of New York (HONY) a site by New York street photographer Brandon Stanton.  

HONY has been attracting a huge following on Facebook with his unique and beautiful images of the colourful humans of New York.  

For those of our students who are out shooting their street photography exercise this week hopefully this will give you some inspiration.  

Nuit Blanche

First Year Student Bradford Burk was out and about during Nuit Blanche.

He had a great time and he was kind enough to send us some photos.  Above is the image of Andrew Balfour's show and beside a performance being projected on a wall.

Bradford highly recommended the event, so for those that missed it this year make sure to get out next year to see the event.  Below are paintings his girlfriend churned out that night during the show.  Thanks for the pics!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Andrew Balfour | Nuit Blanche

Alumni Andrew Balfour has a show during Nuit Blanche called Beautiful People.  This collaborative series of portraits shot with Scott Sigurdson shows people reacting to flash cards of a wide range of content.

The show is at EQ3 in the Byward Market it starts tonight Saturday Sept. 22 at 7PM and runs till 10AM Sunday.  Stop by and say hello to Andrew and Scott from 10-11PM.

Friday, September 21, 2012


On September 12-13 PHOTOSHELTER held a conference called luminance in New York.  This conference was on the business, tech and culture of photography today.  Unfortunately given the start of the school none of the Faculty could attend.

We have been surfing the internet looking for highlights from the conference and we have found a few interesting articles we would like to share:

PHOTOSHELTER Blog: The 14 Most Memorable Quotes From Luminance 2012 Speakers
Wonderful Machine Cog: PhotoShelter Luminance by Bill Cramer
PDN: Luminance

Supposedly there will be video of the event posted on the PHOTOSHELTER blog soon.  We encourage our students and alumni to bookmark the luminance site as this might be annual event and definitely one they should attend if they can.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

100 Most Influential Photographers List

Here is a list for all photographers and especially our History students who will soon start to work on their Photo Buddy assignment.  It is the 100 Most Influential Photographers Of All Time list from Professional Photographer.

You will notice that number one is Richard Avedon, all hail the king!!!   In honour of the great one here is a vid.

Richard Avedon Darkness and Light.

Your New Student Reps 2012-2013

Say hello to your Student Reps for 2012-2013:

First Year Class Reps
Sec 400 Kamara Morozuk
Sec 410 Caitlyn Spour-Thomas

Second Year Class Reps
Sec 400 David Laferriere
Sec 410 Arthur Nwachukwu

Tauba Auerbach's RGB Color Atlas

Artist Tauba Auerbach has printed the complete RGB colorspace in book form, the RGB Colorspace Atlas.

This is totally and utterly photo geek art, love it!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Genevieve Thauvette's La Filles du Roy

Image © 2012 Genevieve Thauvette
Alumi Genevieve Thauvette's La Filles du Roy is on display at St-Laurent + Hill Gallery during Nuit Blanche on Sept. 22.  

Nuit Blanche is an international art festival held around the world in participating cities that runs all night.   This year it is comes to Ottawa and there are many great shows to see around town.  So get out on Saturday and take in some of the shows.  

If you have never seen Genevieve's work we highly recommend it, check out her site to see even more of her amazing work.  Also check out this Ottawa Citizen article to find out what she will be doing on Sussex and Rideau during the event, hilarious!!  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pricing For Photo Shoots

Here is a great article from A Photo Editor on pricing and negotiating photo shoots.

This will be an ongoing series of articles from A Photo Editor, definitely a great read for those starting out in photography.