Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kayla Hannaford | Alumni Update

Recent Alumni Kayla Hannaford, nature photographer extraordinaire, has once again been published in Canadian Geographic online.

Her images are on the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, check them out!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Shooter McNally | Judge - Adobe Imaging Portfolio

ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2013 Alumni Shooter McNally graduated from the Photography Program in 2005; and with help of Garry Carter, began working for the Ottawa Police Service.

McNally's work at the Ottawa Police ranges from forensic analysis of all video, photographic and audio related evidence, to the creation of creative marketing content through still and video productions.

Shooter has also created a range of work independently including music videos and short films which have been recognized by the Ottawa International Film Festival as well as other local and national bodies.  Shooter eats pizza at least 5 times a week.

This award is sponsored by Adobe.

Steve McCurry | Judge - McCurry Portrait Award

Image By Steve McCurry 

ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2013 We are very happy to once again have documentary photographer and author  Steve McCurry judging and sponsoring the Steve McCurry Portrait Award.

Steve is a member of Magnum Photo and an award winning photographer, a Robert Capa Gold Medal Winner and a World Press Photo Winner to name just a few.  He is best known for his National Geographic cover photo of Sharbat Gula, above.

This is a new award for us that focuses on the art of portraiture.

Jane Corbet | Judge - Best Magazine Cover

ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2013 We are extremely pleased to once again have Jane Corbet Art Director of Ottawa Magazine judging the Best Magazine Cover at our annual Photography Exhibition.

Thanks to Jane for all your support and for once again taking the time to judge, critique and encourage our students.

This award is sponsored by NIKON.

Rémi Thériault | Judge - Movie Poster Award

ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2013 Graduating 5 years ago from Algonquin, Alumni Rémi jumped right into commercial photography. 

During these years, he has gained quite a name in the Ottawa photographic community working with local artist to international clients, often traveling to various locations around Canada and the United States. 

Rémi has also developed his personal photography, his images have been purchased by local Art Collections.  

This award is sponsored by Epson.

Walter Melrose | Judge - Mola Portrait Award

ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2013 This is a new award this year it is sponsored and judged by Walter Melrose from Mola.  This award focuses on lighting skill and all submissions were shot with the Mola Softlights.

For those not familiar with Mola's great lighting modifiers take a look at their site to see what you have been missing.  

Sean Graves | Judge - Best Website

ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2013 Alumni Sean Graves graduated from Algonquin's Photography program in 2009. 

He then went on to study web design and development. Sean now works in the field as a web developer for a company named Rideshark

This award is sponsored by Adobe.

Dave White | Judge - 1st Year Portfolio

Photo By Dave White 

ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2013 We are proud to once again have Dave White judge our First Year Portfolios.  Dave is the Commercial Account Manager for Western Ontario and Ottawa for Henry’s.

Previously he was a Product Manager for Lisle Kelco, Hasselblad, Leica, Broncolour and Sinar distributors, for 10 years.  Dave was factory trained to be a photographer for both Hasselblad and Leica.  He has been in the photo industry as a buyer, product manager, account manager, store manager, and outside sales rep for over 16 years.

This award was sponsored by Henry's.

Michael Ross | Judge - 2nd Year Best In Show

Photo By Michael Graeme Ross - Series Abandon

By Rémi Thériault
ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2013 Alumni Michael Ross graduated from the gonk in 2007 and quickly entered the industry as principal photographer with Lee Valley Tools publications department.  (the very same position Algonquin Photography legend Garry Carter once held).

After 5 years of commercial product photography Michael joined the Ottawa Police Service's Forensic Identification section as an imaging specialist.

An upcoming fine art photographer in the community with some of his recent prints being sold to the City of Ottawa Art Bank, Ross uses large format photography to capture urban landscapes.

Visit www.leftwithout.com to see some of Ross' additional work. This award is sponsored by Apple.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Hall Banners

We have finished putting up the new Hall Banners thanks to graduates Riley, John, Joy, Ria, Allie, Colin and Jordan for letting us use their images. 

To see Jordan's banner come by the Faculty offices, it is hanging just outside.   

Lightroom 5 Beta Released

The Ligthroom 5 beta has been released for testing, download it here.

There are some interesting new features to find out more about them check out the video above and this set of tutorials from Adobe.  Thanks to Professor Trevor Pearson for passing along these links.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Year Portfolio Drop Off 2013

This year we wanted to step it up and do something a little different for our Annual First Year Portfolio time-lapse.  Along with setting up two cameras to shoot every 15 seconds we put radio slaves on both the cameras and one in the hall so the students could take their own pics if they wanted.  We also had a secret radio slaves in a Faculty members office, just for fun!!

A Kino Flo light was used to give us more illumination and the other camera was setup in the first film loading room to capture more of the action.

Here is all the gear we used for this setup:

7 - Manfrotto Magic Arms
9 - Manfrotto Super Clamps
2 - Manfrotto Spigots
4 - Pocket Wizards Plus IIIs
1 - Kino Flo Tungsten Diva-Lite 401
2 - Nikon D3s
2 - AF-S Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Lenses
4 - 8 GB Sandisk Cards
2 - Photoflex 5-n-1 Reflectors
9 - Dedicated and a Little Crazy Faculty and Staff
58 - Awesome First Year Students

We shot close to 10,000 images over 7 1/2 hours and it took a total of 8 hours to sort, edit, keyword, export and render the video using Adobe Lightroom & Premiere Pro.

And it was well worth it, congrats to the First Years on finishing their Portfolios!!!  To check out all their work come out to the upcoming 40th Annual Algonquin Photography Exhibition, details here.

Music by Scomber - I Spy (with my little eye)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Second Year Portfolio Drop Off 2013

Well it is Portfolio time again here in the Program.  The Second Year portfolio consists of 12 images that our student's put their hearts and souls into.

Our Portfolio Interviews start today and the 40th Annual Photography Exhibition is coming up, for more details checkout the Program website.