Sunday, April 29, 2012

2012 Algonquin Photo Exhibition

Thanks to all the Students who helped setup the Exhibition yesterday the room looks great.  This year the 39th Annual Photography Exhibition is in room CA105 in the new ACCE building at Algonquin College.

The Exhibition kicks off at 12 noon today and runs to 9PM, the Awards Show starts at 7PM.  For all the details on parking and how to get here check out the Program Site.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Carrie Alexander | Judge - 1st Year Best In Show

Image By Carrie Alexander 
ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2012 Alumni Carrie Alexander will be judging the Best First Year image at the Exhibition, Carrie works for Library and Archives Canada.  

This award is sponsored by Daymen and SLIK tripods.  

The 2012 Faculty & Staff Portraits Preview

Every year we send out a request to all Second Year students to submit a concept for the Staff and Faculty photographs.  This year we received a very interesting submission from Kaleigh Middelkoop.  She wanted to do a traditional style portrait with a twist, throwing powdered paint at us.

Needless to say there was some reservation to this request but the Faculty and Staff really liked the unconventional idea.  It was also a great way for the students to let out some of their frustration at their Professors. 

Above is a time-lapse of the shoot, there is more video to come and of course the actual images from Kaleigh Middelkoop are coming soon and will be featured on the Algonquin Photography Faculty Page.    

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Natasha Moine | Judge - 2nd Year Best In Show

Photo By Natasha Moine 
ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2012 Alumni and portrait photographer Natasha Moine is judging the Best In Show 2nd Year image at this year's Exhibition.

Natasha's beautiful images can be seen on her site.  This award is sponsored by Apple

Kimberley French | Judge - Movie Poster Award

ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2012 This year still movie and commercial photographer Kimberley French is judging the student's Movie Posters.   

Check out Kimberley's great images on her website, this award is sponsored by Epson.

Walter Melrose | Judge - Mola Portrait Award

ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2012 This is a new award this year it is sponsored and judged by Walter Melrose from Mola.  This award focuses on lighting skill and all submissions were shot with the Mola Softlights.

For those not familiar with Mola's great lighting modifiers take a look at their site to see what you have been missing.  

Jane Corbet | Judge - Best Magazine Cover

We are extremely pleased to once again have Jane Corbet Art Director of Ottawa Magazine judging the Best Magazine Cover at our annual Photography Exhibition.

Thanks to Jane for all your support and for once again taking the time to judge, critique and encourage our students.  This award is sponsored by NIKON.

Trevor Pearson | Judge - Best Website

ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2012 Alumni Trevor Pearson is judging the Best Graduate website.

Trevor is a photographer, designer and a Multimedia Professor here at the college, check out his site  MPD Imaging to see some of his work.  This award is sponsored by Adobe.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Steve McCurry | Judge - McCurry Portrait Award

Image By Steve McCurry 
ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2012 We are very happy to once again have documentary photographer and author  Steve McCurry judging and sponsoring the Steve McCurry Portrait Award.

Steve is a member of Magnum Photo and an award winning photographer, a Robert Capa Gold Medal Winner and a World Press Photo Winner to name just a few.  He is best known for his National Geographic cover photo of Sharbat Gula, above.

This is a new award for us that focuses on the art of portraiture.

Vicki Cane | Judge - Adobe Imaging Portfolio

Images By Grace Photography
ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2012 Alumni Vicki Cane is judging the Adobe Imaging Portfolio, this award goes to the Graduating student with the Best Portfolio. Vicki Cane is a portrait and wedding photographer working in the Ottawa area.

To see more great images check out Vicki's website Grace Photography.  This award is sponsored by Adobe.

Dave White | Judge - 1st Year Portfolio

Photo By Dave White 
ALGONQUIN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2012 We are proud to once again have Dave White judge our First Year Portfolios.  Dave is the Commercial Account Manager for Western Ontario and Ottawa for Henry’s.

Previously he was a Product Manager for Lisle Kelco, Hasselblad, Leica, Broncolour and Sinar distributors, for 10 years.  Dave was factory trained to be a photographer for both Hasselblad and Leica.  He has been in the photo industry as a buyer, product manager, account manager, store manager, and outside sales rep for over 16 years.

This award was sponsored by Henry's.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Virtual Lighting Studio

Here is an interesting online app called Virtual Lighting Studio.  It is in the beta version so far but looks like it has some promise for those that want to test out some lighting before stepping into the studio.

Thanks to alumni Rémi Thériault for sending us this interesting website.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Year Portfolio Drop Off 2012

Here are our First Years students dropping off their end of year Portfolio.  It is great to see them cutting loose and having fun after a stressful couple of weeks.

We hope they have a good summer break because they will be back at it in September.  Congratulations to all our students on completing their portfolios!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Year Portfolio Cam 2012

The day before the First Year portfolios are due is  just as crazy as when Second Year portfolios are due. So for fun this year we decided to attach a GoPro Hero to one of our student's portfolios the day before it was due and we got some interesting footage.

Thanks to Sam Small for walking around with a camera taped to her portfolio and thanks to all the students for being themselves.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Co-Op Time

2012 © Carl Bigras 
It is co-op time here in the Program our Second Year Students have left the nest and are out learning in the field.  We place students with many different photographers each year doing a wide assortment of careers from fashion, portraiture, magazine, and science & tech.

Above is an image from Trish Ingelson's placement with photographer Carl Bigras.  Carl works  at  the Canadian Conservation Institute here in Ottawa and he recently co-authored the book Lighting Methods for Photographing Museum Objects with Mylène Choquette and Jeremy Powell.

Carl Bigras is also an Alumni and a member of our Advisory Committee.  He happily takes students every year on placement and our students always learn a lot from him.  Here Trish and Carl are in a lab photographing lab-ware and experiments in metal corrosion.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Valerie Miles | Daytime Ottawa

Alumni Val Miles was recently on Daytime Ottawa, she helped her friend Josée Michaud complete her video and photography application for Bachelor Canada.  

Good for Val for getting on TV and promoting herself and her business, and we love that she wore her Algonquin Photography hoodie and gave the Program a shout out, respect!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Second Year Portfolio Drop Off 2012

Well it is Portfolio time again here in the Program.  The Second Year portfolio consists of 12 images that our student's put their hearts and souls into.

Our Portfolio Interviews start soon so stay tuned for highlights from their books and stay tuned for our 39th Annual Photography Exhibition info and highlights coming soon.